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Our Motor Assessors can guarantee an unsurpassed level of professionalism



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Our Motor Assessors understand that time is money, and therefore this is a key area we are dedicated to addressing as a prime cost saving strategy 


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Our Motor Assessors will do their utmost to adhere to agreed SLA’s, and our aim is to provide 100% Satisfaction


Our Mission

Our Motor Assessors have advanced expertise in the Automotive Insurance Industry and will guarantee that we will leave no stone un-turned when it comes to service, and the reduction of costs in the claims process. We aim to provide an unsurpassed service in comparison to current industry standards. We believe that we can provide a far superior service in terms of professionalism, efficiency and time saving measures. 

Our Motor Assessors understand that time is money, and the necessity for the implementation of cost saving measures in the claims process is at an all-time high.

Our Motor Assessors can advise you on all litigation / arbitration and mediation, and we can offer arbitration and mediation services should you require, which will dramatically reduce your litigation costs. 

The keen attention to detail carried out by Our Motor Assessors during all examinations will be reflected in the professional presentation of all reports. All reports compiled by our company will be ‘litigation ready’



Our Services

General Services
Our panel of assessors have serviced a wide spectrum of business types to include Insurance Companies, Underwriters, Solicitors, Brokers, Private Individuals and Fleet Managers, to name a few, nationwide and throughout Europe.

We will provide a vehicle valuation where a vehicle has been stolen and not recovered. Our engineers will give an independent opinion on the market value of the vehicle at time of loss based on information gathered. The engineers use all research tools available.

Mechanical Failure Inspections
Mechanical Failure Inspections will be carried out by our highly trained engineers. A full report will be compiled following inspection in accordance with instructions.

We find many of these inspections relate to flood damaged vehicles or engine seizure. Any aspect of mechanical failure can be undertaken. We will also inspect parts which may have been removed from a vehicle in order to give an opinion on cause of mechanical failure. We carry out full audits on Manufacturer Recalls in every case of mechanical failure.

Third Party Claims
Comparison reports can be carried out between your insured vehicle and the third party vehicle. Measurements and images will be taken to assess liability, and determine consistency. We can offer an opinion on the likely velocity at time of impact. In terms of fraud prevention, this is often necessary, and reduces the likelihood of a claimant exaggeration their injuries / claims.
Accident Locus Report
In the preparation of contentious / non-contentious accident locus reports, we will carry out a full scene of accident investigation; produce detailed measurements, commenting on road condition / surface and gradient.

We can assist the handler / claims dept. in the fast, efficient and effective settlement of a claim supported by our comprehensive report of the facts based on the inspection which will include detailed images of the scene.

Accident Reconstruction and Investigation
Our expert investigators can carry out an in-depth analysis of an accident, including, visit locus in quo, sketches and surveys with supporting images.

Our expertise will assist the handler to expedite the sometimes difficult settlement of a contentious claim or recommend the full defence of a non-fault accident based on our evidence gathering.

Third Party Status Reports
Our panel of investigators will pursue a variety of routes to determine third party responsibility for accidents, their involvement, and identify a financial recovery from the TP / TPI.

In some cases a further confidential report will be provided where our investigator feels further in-depth investigation is required so as to identify a possible link to serial claimants and staged accidents.

Total Loss / Salvage
If the vehicle is beyond economical repair we have a number of services available through our constructive total loss / total loss processes. We recommend the immediate removal of the vehicle to free storage either to an appointed agent or to a salvage agent recommended by us. We can also provide a service whereby we can also agree settlement with the owner of the vehicle, if required. (The individual must be CIP / grandfathered to proceed here).
Mediation / Litigation / Arbitration
We understand that litigation in the claims process needs to be addressed and reduced.

A key strength in our team is the understanding that the initial point of contact with the insured / third party is a key area where the momentum of settling a claim begins. We understand the importance of that first phone call, and the first meeting with the assessor, and we understand that this is an area where rapport building begins. The initial stages of contact are a key area, heretofore neglected by assessors. This is one of the most prominent opportunities to predetermine the final claim process outcome, and is one of the few opportunities to prevent a litigious outcome, and associated costs, which in the majority of cases increases your outlay in associated costs by up to 45%.

In cases that proceed to litigation, we will endeavor to do our utmost to advise insurers on all aspects of the case, based on our experience of the litigation process. We will endeavor to advise you on strengths and weaknesses in proceeding through the litigation process. In the event that we recommend procedure through the court process, we will negotiate reasonable fees.

CPD Training for Insurance Claims Handlers
We will provide on-going quarterly CPD Training at your company offices for Claim Handlers, to ensure your Claims Handlers are up-to-date with all CPD Training requirements. We are affiliated with La Touche Training.